Underfloor Heating

Underfloor or conventional heating? Even though underfloor heating has many advantages, it has a couple of disadvantages as well. One of its main advantages is that it will increase your perception of warmth, which means the actual temperature of the air can be lower than usual, which will result in a notable drop in your cost of heating. (A drop of 1 °C will mean a 6% drop in energy usage). The heating water’s temperature can be lower as well. One of the other advantages of underfloor heating systems is the distribution of heat is a lot more even in your flat. The system will take a very long time to cool down, so it will keep warmth for a long time, and it will not stir up dust in your flat either.

Some of its disadvantages are that it is usually more costly to construct and if any repair is needed, your floor will have to be broken open.

We are more than happy to guide your with our advice, so that you can decide whether you will choose a conventional or an underfloor heating system. Whichever you decide on, we are at your service from planning to the final touches.

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