Laminate flooring

Even the newest laminate floors – that can be just simply clicked together – can only be laid on a completely straight, even surface. The maximum amount of difference in level is only 2 millimeters and is the foundation is not smooth enough, the settings can be damaged during use. Which can result in the movement and possible tearing of the panels. It is a proven fact, that in the majority of cases, an appropriate underlay must be created to provide adequate support for the floor. A common fault is that people, who decide to install laminate flooring themselves, tend to use the previous carpet as a liner. This practice is best to avoid, as the smoothness of the floor can only be inspected and/or repaired after the removal of the carpet.

How much and what kind of panel do I need for my floor?

A necessary amount can be calculated by using the room’s place, however it is advised to leave at least 10% extra per side. This of course depends on the method of the laying too, as rooms with an irregular shape will take a lot more panels to finish and will result in a lot more waste, which can not be used elsewhere. This can easily be avoided with the help of a preliminary floor sketch. Another thing to look out for is the grainline of the panels, as these can optically influence the size of the room. This is especially true for panels with heavier patterns or for smaller, but not regularly shaped places.


While choosing you should consider the type and style of furniture that will be used, what the room will be used for and also the future color scheme of the place.

The wear and tear resistence is clearly labelled on the packaging of most type of panels.

The newest type laminate floor, which can be just clicked together, can be easily picked up and reassembled later as needed. In case you need to change a couple of panels later, you should always mark down the exact brand name and type on the backside of a couple of panels, along with the original labe, which will have all the necessary information to purchase some panels.

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