Drain unblocking – External & Internal

External blockage

The most common reasons to block your rainwater deflector, watercourse, shaft and garden ductwork is all the mud, gravel, sludge and leaves that the rainwater washes in. Another reason for a blockage could be the depression of the pipe.

It is a common finding for houses with gardens, especially with old piping under the ground, that the joints will come apart, leaving a way for the tiny rootlets of any treas or plants nearby to grow inside the pipe. This will act as a natural barrier and will stop the free flow of toilet paper and will cause a blockage.

Internal blockage

The formation of a blockage is a process that lasts for years in most of the cases. For toilets, it is usually the special, „economic” ones with a small runoff are the ones that only barely wash away the sewage, and do not actually wash the bowl, which will lead to a formation of blockages. Flushing down items like tampons, nappies and wet wipes are the most common causes for a blockage.

For sinks, in the majority of cases the main reasons are not using enough water when doing the dishes and not using the filter. Installing undersized piping and not properly aligning them may also cause blockages.

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