Did you know about steam cabins?

The steam cabin is the more advanced version of a shower or hydro massage cabin. They have all the comfort functions and accessories of a hydro massage cabin, but they also have the ability to provide a steam bath. The advantages and physiological effect of the steam bath are well know and can be found in many pages online.

The control panel of the steam cabin will let you set the temperature of the steam (up to 60°C) and the length of the procedure as well.

Our steam cabin are equipped with several safety measures, which will prevent the formation of too hot steam and will alert you if you spend too much time in the steam.

Did you know about hydro massage cabins?

Showers-Plumbing_003Nowadays bathrooms are not only associated with personal hygiene. As manufacturers and suppliers try to meet the modern requirements by making taps, washbasins, shower and hydro massage cabins and bathtubs more stylish and comfortable; bathrooms are slowly becoming a place for relaxations and recreation. The most notable elements of this new trend are the hydro massage and steam cabins and the hydro massage tubs.

The simplest hydro massage cabins can be divided into two groups. Cabins with acrylic back walls and cabins with glass back walls. They can put into another two subgroups by having a deep or low plate.

The main principle behind the operation of a hydro massage cabin is that they install adjustable nozzles into the back and side walls of the cabin, which will let through water to massage your body. The number of nozzles can vary from type to type and depend on the construction of the cabin.

Your choice as to go for a wall back wall or acrylic back wall cabin can depend on the functionality and the aesthetics.

One of the useful and pleasant accessories of a hydro massage cabin is the rainfall shower head, which is often referred to as the tropical shower. This shower head uses the same pressure as regular heads, but the water has a lot more surface to go through, there you will be able to feel like you are standing in a real tropical rainfall – making your session in the hydro massage cabin really restful.

Let’s make some steam:

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