Tap replace

Do you have a dripping tap? Don’t just look at your money flowing away.

Plumbing-Tap-replace_001A dripping taps is not just a nuisance, but is also creates a layer of lime scale in your sink, and not to mention how uneconomical it is. Even a milder, slower dripping tap will let anything between 40 to a 120 litres of water to flow down your sink, which on the long run will result in losing hundreds of pounds worth of water virtually undetected. However, getting rid of a dripping tap is easy and cheap by calling a professional, who will be able to fix the problem usually without the need to buy a new sink. If your toilet tank is leaking, or your tap is dripping, call us right away as with our help you can stop wasting your water and your money.

Did you know this about taps?

Taps are for mixing the cold and hot water flowing the piping – they are often referred to as mixer taps. Taps are usually cast from brass, and they are usually coated with a nickel-chrome coating. Taps have different constructions and functionalities – mostly depending on the place of use. The four main types are the 1, compression taps, ball taps, button taps and the infra red main mixing taps.

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